We welcome group visits. This is a great outing for youth groups, school groups, and birthday parties. Bring a gang to Foster Family Farm for an adventure in team building or just for fun. Ask us about tents and cookout food for private gatherings or birthday parties.

 *We schedule school trips in September as well as October!

Call early for great times and days!*

Preschool and Kindergarten:
$5.00 for the children - Chaperones are free on a 1:5 ratio. Additional chaperones and guests are $5/person. The price includes all of the courtyard activities, hayride and a sugar pumpkin. Pre-school rate does not include admission into the mazes. Groups are free to bring snacks and drinks with them.  A farm-related story time will also be available

if time permits.

School Trips: Grades 1-12:
$7.00 for students - Chaperones are free on the 1:5 ratio. Additional Chaperones are $7/person. The price includes the maze and courtyard activities as well as a sugar pumpkin if they are interested. Please provide snacks and drinks for your group. There are no concessions during the week days.

All other groups (Church or otherwise):
20 people or more receive the group rate of $10 adults and $6 children - under 4 free. Private Party area can be rented for $30/hr.

We ask groups to register at least 48 hours (preferably, one week) in advance and a $50.00 deposit is required for birthday parties. If we are forced to close due to weather, we will make every attempt to reschedule your group.
Rain dates are offered when available.
*Each group of students in the maze MUST be accompanied by an adult chaperone. There is a $500.00 dollar fine for any damage or vandalism to the maze or maze structures.* - We have a strict no tolerance policy. Violators of maze rules will be asked to leave immediately.